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Lets face it, the weather in South Dakota, at a minimum, can be considered unpredictable. Some years we could have snow on the ground for eight months!

Why not educate your child in a facility which offers year round comfort and HUGE indoor soft turf area which is always a balmy 70 degrees?”

Tigers in Training is revolutionary new approach to incorporate a detailed and comprehensive preschool program with fundamental basics of physical education and sports essential skills for 3,4,and 5 year olds. Located in the Perfect Practice Sports Complex, this 66,000 square foot facility offers:
  • An indoor turfed baseball field, -Basketball courts,
  • Tee ball batting area,
  • Soccer area.

Our Assessments

kids playing sportsOur assessments give you an indication of comprehension he or she has over:
  • Numbers
  • Upper and lower case letters -Phonics
  • Reading simple sentences -Sight words
  • Shapes and colors
  • Months of the year
  • Among many other things.

They will also be assessed on their progression in sport fundamentals:
  • Catching a ball with or without a baseball glove  (provided)
  • Tee ball swing and accuracy
  • Base running direction
  • Fielding and basic rules of baseball/ softball.
  • Basketball handling
  • Passing and Shooting on small hoops
  • Among many other things.

These are just a few of the many skills he or she will acuire and build on throughout their education at Tigers in Training.

Tigers in Training Provides

This provides all of our Tigers in Training, the ability to learn, from an early age, skills which will springboard them past their competition in the future. Along with our structured and tiered physical education program we offer an extensive preschool program. Our teacher will work on skills essential for exceeding in the first years of school. Your child will be given an assessment on the first month at Tigers in Training followed by quarterly reviews and conferences so that you as parents, can track your child’s progress through our program.


Preschool...WITH A KICK!

  • Structured learning curriculum
  • Detailed monthly/weekly lesson plans
  • Thorough quarterly assessments and parent/ teacher conferences
  • Sports Fundamentals and physical education
  • Tee Ball, Basketball, Kickball, Hockey and many other sports and games
  • Dedicated and educated teachers

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Tigers in Training
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Tiger Tots Child Care in Harrisburg South Dakota provideds care for infants age 4 weeks through 12 years.
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