Tiger Tots daycare in Harrisburg, SD
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10 Reasons why you should choose Tiger Tots
1) Dual access touch screen child entry system to ensure the most secure place for your child to learn and play.
2) Web Cameras!!! Watch your child on our secure network any time during the day..... FREE!
3) Only the most dedicated and friendly staff. Our employees are carefully selected. Background and drug checks are performed on each staff member to ensure safety for your child.
4) Posted weekly detailed schedules for each classroom. You will know exactly what your child is learning about each and every week.... We want you involved too!
5) HUGE Rainbow play systems located in the back of your childcare center.
6) Nutritional and Healthy meals.
7) Over 6500 square feet of fun and games!
8) LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION.... How nice would it be to drop your kids off RIGHT ON YOUR WAY TO WORK? No backtracking or time wasting trips through town.
9) Personalized..... Tiger Tots employees will greet you by name and provide a specific outline of your childs learning activities and behavior each and every day.
10) In home care..... center like hours!


My children and I became part of the Tiger Tots family in March of 2010. Previously my children attended childcare facility in Sioux Falls which they enjoyed. Only after seeing that a new childcare center (Tiger Tots) was open in Harrisburg, Did I question the need to relocate by boys. As a resident of Harrisburg, it only made sense to keep my children in childcare in Harrisburg. With the winters being questionable and my early hours, I felt it would be beneficial. Now come s the hard part….. Why fix something that isn’t broken? My one year old twins were doing just fine in the other center. How would they adjust to their new surroundings? Would they be able to adjust to a new routine? Would Tiger Tots care for them to my standards? Would they get the education that I desperately want them to have? Would my children be happy? All these questions and yet, only time could give me the answers, so I enrolled them. I am so incredibly glad I did! All of my questions were answered and they exceeded any expectations that I had. To my surprise, they opened the doors early for me every day so that I can drop my twins off and still have enough time to make it to work with time remaining. They also go above and beyond by helping with the loading and unloading of my boys ( which is  greatly appreciated). My boys had no problem adjusting to the Tiger tots routine. In fact, it has worked out better in my situation. The Tiger Tots staff have been so good to my children. They have taught them so much and continue to teach them on a daily basis. The staff listens to my concerns I have and they make talking to them comfortable. I can’t forget to mention the high energy of love and devotion they have for all  the children. I said it once and I will say it again…… Tiger Tots IS a family and I am proud my twins, Tresyn and Teyven are a part of it!

Suzie Lang

Being a single parent, I have always worried about the type of care my children are receiving while I am at work.  I have finally stopped worrying about that very thing now that my children have started going to Tiger Tots.  I am able to log in and see first hand the wonderful attention and care they are receiving.  It is a fun learning environment for them.  My boys are happy and look forward to going to daycare.  I am so grateful for everything they do for my children at Tiger Tots.

Melissa Edman

My wife and I decided to make a change and enroll my three year old son in preschool but with having to take him to and from with no other means of getting him there we decided to take a look into Tiger Tots.  Just walking into the doors you noticed that something great was going on here. We took the tour and half way through my wife and I looked at each other and at that point they didn’t need to do any more convincing that this would be the right choice for our son. We enrolled him in August of 2010 and after the first day we noticed a change in his behavior and that he absolutely loved being there. We also have a one and a half year old little girl who was at an in home daycare and just didn’t seem to be happy with the situation and also not being with her brother. We made a phone call to see if they had openings for here. As soon as we mentioned the situation, they said they would take her in a second. We met with Travis and Mary to voice our concerns about what she had been dealing with previously before coming to Tiger Tots and they assured us that they will take care of the transitional period personally. Once again, after the first day we noticed a huge difference in her for the better. We spoke to everyone there and they could not believe that our daughter had not been happy previously because of what they had seen first hand and all the credit goes directly to the Tiger Tots staff. We have had such a great experience and our children have learned so much it scares us. My daughter has extended her vocabulary and they have taught her sign language that she uses every day and my son has learned to write his name which is unbelievable for a three year old. They take their jobs very personal which is
great to know when you can’t be with your children during the day. There are many days on the
weekends when our kids mention wanting to go to Tiger Tots, when you hear that…. You know they (Tiger Tots) are doing everything right. My wife and I have had our expectations exceeded while our children have been enrolled at Tiger Tots. I would like to thank the entire staff for all that they have done for our children as well as for us.

Matthew and Sara Powell

I am very happy to know that each day I go to work my daughter goes to a place she loves. The teachers are very caring and have done a wonderful job teaching her things like animals, colors, shapes, numbers and important social behaviors. I am glad my daughter can be cared for by people with similar values and by people who whole heartedly care about Kaileys well being. Since Tiger Tots is a growing childcare with an enthusiastic staff, Kailey gets to experience so much more than just learning such as crafts,
videos, song and dance, large outside play center, all while being in a safe, well supervised environment. At any time I can check in on Kailey from my computer since Tiger Tots is fully video equipped. Even though Tiger Tots is not an in home daycare, my daughter is cared for as though she is family. We love you Tiger Tots! Keep us the great work!

Travis and Kristi DeJong
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Reasons why you should choose Tiger Tots

Tiger Tots Child Care in Harrisburg South Dakota provideds care for infants age 4 weeks through 12 years.
Tiger Tots offers parents secure remote child monitoring through our kid cams in every room,. Nondiscrimination Statement. Website designed and hosted by The Gage Team.